Tit for Tatt

I'm just here for pics and chicks...lmao -NFSW- I'm an amateur photographer who likes taking pictures of girls with beanies, tattoos, and other awesome stuff lol If you're a girl/woman/lady who has tattoo or loves beanies or both I'd be more then happy to take submissions :) Follow me if you want, Im only a little sure of where Im going .

“Go for someone who is proud to have you.”

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buttfuckbabe is like super cute and beautiful…like for real y’all is insane. Absolutely blows my mind

I don’t smile

It’s against my religion


one day I’ll press send on this text


one day I’ll press send on this text

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First thing I so when I follow/am followed:

Like all your pictures of you

who cares?


Thick thighs and wide hips 👍😋

Things I need:


Sexual intercourse
Diet coke
A new tattoo
Fucking like there’s no tomorrow.

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